Raj Dev Seva | James Riley

James has experience in a number of martial arts and has been a long-time meditator, so when introduced to Kundalini Yoga he was immediately intrigued by the idea of creating leverage for spiritual transformation: through the science of "angles and triangles." James also found encouragement from the many excellent Kundalini Yoga teachers the Twin Cities has to offer. Completing his Level 1 Teacher Training in 2018, he enjoys practicing with the Shabad Guru and studying Gurmurkhi. James has a passion for developing a heart-centered life: his spiritual name, Rajdev Seva, means "Ennobled by service, in flow with the divine through service" and he is happily figuring out what that means.

Michael Anderson photo - Michael Anderso
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson

We are in constant communication with ourselves, each other, and the worlds within and around us. As Communications Coordinator, Michael strives to support a Kundalini Collective that deeply listens and intentionally communicates with its members and various communities.


Rooted in the Twin Cities by its people and waterways, Michael began practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on the banks of the Mississippi River in 2010 and completed Level One Teacher Training in 2021. He enjoys relaxing with friends and family, tending fires, and laughing.

Jai Kirti Kaur | Kate Thomas

Jai Kirti (Kate Thomas) discovered Kundalini Yoga while living and working in France.

Passionate about helping others live healthily, happily and wholly, Jai Kirti shares the technology and power of these teachings authentically and from the heart. She challenges students to show up for themselves—both on the mat and in life—and push their boundaries in a safe and supported way. She dispels the mystery of the practice with clear language and raw encouragement. Jai Kirti aims to make Kundalini Yoga and Meditation accessible to everyone and she creates an experience of playful and meaningful exploration of the Self.

 Anna | Mahan Tara

Anna is most alive when sharing Kundalini Yoga. Her yogic journey began over 10 years ago and her devotion to the practice only continues to deepen. When she discovered Kundalini Yoga she knew she had hit her dharma, and is now committed to sharing this with others.


Anna challenges her students to embrace discomfort in the pursuit of transformation. She draws attention to the energies within the body through the Chakra System and incorporates her passion for astrology to connect students to the higher universal energies at work. You will leave Anna’s class with a stronger sense of self and better understanding of your connection to the infinite.

“Our existence is an absurd miracle and Kundalini Yoga offers us the tools to live fully present within it’s magic.” 

- Anna Mahan Tara

Nirmal Lumpkin enjoys supporting patients and students on their path to a life of health, vitality and meaning. She came to the practice of yoga in early 2001 and felt deeply at home with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. She is a Lead Trainer through the Kundalini Research Institute. Nirmal is an engaging and practical teacher and trainer specializing in Physical and Yogic Anatomy and Postures. She brings a modern lens to this tradition, often exploring concepts of anti-racism, decolonization and the connection of personal growth with social responsibility in her classes.


Nirmal is the author of Enlightened Bodies: Exploring Physical and Subtle Human Anatomy (2015). This work explores the human body through many lenses; from physical/gross anatomy to a subtle understanding of chakras and meridians. Nirmal is also a resident medical doctor training at the St. Johns Family Medicine program. She enjoys lifting weights, building campfires and being an auntie.

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I believe in seva. I believe that serving in and maintaining community, particularly in our current environment, is more important than ever!  


I found Kundalini Yoga in 2008 and immediately felt the effects of this technology - bringing a calmness to the nervous system, a focus to the mind, and a feeling of coming home.  I vowed to share it with others.  I became a Level 1 (220 hour) KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in 2018 and am a member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association.  Since then, I have completed another 62 hours of Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher training and will continue with future trainings.  I enjoy my own daily sadhana practice and hope to bring others along on that same path. 


As a member of the KC board, I will strive to maintain a collaborative community of Kundalini yogis - both teachers and students, and to continue to make Kundalini yoga welcoming and accessible for all.