COVID Updates

Our Commitment to You
  • We are committed to delivering an excellent course that will not only prepare you to be a Kundalini Yoga instructor, but will affect and even transform your life. 

  • We are committed to creating and maintaining a sense of community and welcoming you into the local and broader Kundalini Yoga community.

  • We are committed to protecting the health of all course participants, as much as possible.

  • We are committed to keeping you informed regularly about decisions and how we arrive at them as we approach our start date.


These are our guiding principles as we think about the best and safest way to move forward with this Level 1 Teacher Training/Advanced Study course. We know this course is a big commitment, in a lot of ways: time, financially, energetically, and more, and that's something the whole training team takes seriously. See below for the most recent update based on the Level 1 Teacher Training & Advanced Study. 

Will the course still happen? Start in September 2020? 

Yes, the course will start in September.  We are finalizing the details of a hybrid course (details below). We will have to make adjustments due to the current mandates resulting from the Covid19 pandemic. Our Training Team is monitoring CDC, MN Dept. of Health, and other recommendations to ensure both compliance and protect everyone’s health. 


In the unlikely-but-possible event that we decide to cancel the course altogether, we will most likely offer the next Level 1 course in 2023. 


What measures are you taking to ensure participants’ safety?

We are exploring alternate delivery options including: 

  • Outdoor weekends 

  • Limiting in-person time during weekends 

  • Some course segments will likely be delivered online 

When we do gather in person we will: 

  • Ensure participants have space to social distance 

  • Encourage wearing masks as much as possible 

  • Require participants who are ill, have ill contacts or possible Covid exposure to stay home 


When will you make a decision about possible changes to the course?

We will make a decision by July 11, 2020 and communicate any possible changes to those who have registered and share the info on our website and social media. 


What if I decide to withdraw from the course or cancel my registration?

If you decide you would prefer to wait until the next time we offer the course (likely 2023) and are already registered for the course, we will offer you a full refund of any tuition paid with no cancellation fees.