Meet Featured Teacher Ali Fitzpatrick

How did you find Kundalini Yoga?

The first time I happened upon Kundalini Yoga was at one of my yoga studios about 7/8 years ago up on the Upper West Side of New York.

It was not marketed as a Kundalini Yoga class and when I dropped in, had no idea what we were doing! One of the first things we did was an 11 minute chanting meditation. In the moment, I had no idea how I was going to get through it but by the time we were finished, I was hooked! With whatever it was I just practiced. I ended up coming back for countless Wednesday nights for the remainder of my time in NYC to get this sacred medicine I had never heard of nor practiced before.

At the same time, I dove deep into Gabby Bernstein's work and without realizing it, was practicing Kundalini Meditations daily simply through her work.

Ever since that time, Kundalini Yoga has been a foundational cornerstone of my life and spiritual practice.

Where did you complete your teacher training?

As in pure alignment with the rest of my life and my 9th house North Node, I went straight to the source, Rishikesh, India. As I had the download that teacher training was my next step, I googled "where in the world Kundalini Teacher Trainings" and my ashrams, Samadhi and World Peace Yoga School were the first to pop up! A month later I was there, doing my first training, and two months after that, I returned to Rishikesh to complete my second. And what a trip it has been ever since.

As a KY teacher what is your unique strength?

So oddly enough, my unique strengths, I purely believe, come from both my professional acting and also my coaching backgrounds.

My background in Astrology, Numerology and the Moon cycles help me to infuse elements of each in every class I teach too, as we are indeed energetic beings living in a world composed of energy and it is helpful to understand the quantum world in which we all live and play every day.

As a actor/storyteller and coach, I am able to create, open and hold incredibly intimate containers for deep soul exploration, transformation and growth to occur.

I understand the depth and complexity of the human experience. And am able to create an exceptional "story" for that evening. Each class is a journey and I am the gracious, trusted, guide on the side, to lead them through this journey of deep self exploration and growth.

I also carry a deeply balanced divine feminine and masculine presence into all of my classes, as well. I provide the space for my students to feel deeply safe, held, and nurtured to then drop into the safety of whatever experience they are experiencing that day. Without trying to resist or fight it.

That IS what we all provide, after all. Each and every class is an experience. We don't get to dictate the end result for anyone but we do get to set the stage, if you will, in creating the most prolific, out of this world class, play act, as possible.

My last unique strength that I try to infuse in each class is the essence of the Divine Feminine. Kundalini can be a very masculine practice with the movements and breathwork. I try to bring in as much of the divine shakti feminine as I can with the more fluid, primal movements and chanting as fits the theme of each class.

What do you think Kundalini has to offer others?

Oh my goodness, it has EVERYTHING to offer! I can only speak from my own experience. But the reason why Kundalini has become my main spiritual practice and style of yogic teaching is because of the depth and complexity of the experiences that it offers. It doesn't solely work with asana, or breath or movement or meditation. Or even sacred sound currents. It works with them ALL. All at once. This technology works on a quantum level and it works FAST because of the combination of EVERYTHING.

It has taught me grit and integrity and perseverance and resilience. It has brought me deep layers of faith and trust that I didn't know were possible. It has helped me to witness miracles without even realizing what was happening. Try chanting specific mantras for 40 days straight and see what happens! I feel like I've worked through generations, even lifetimes of blocks, limitations, traumas, ancestral DNA reprogramming. You name it.

It has helped my to witness what the fruits of true commitment truly look like. And they do manifest 100% more than your wildest dreams.

But I think the most profound lesson I can walk away with, and one that it offers anyone who decides to go down this path, is a true, deep down, connection to your soul, your atma, your nous. I have found such deep connected to my soul, my mission, and what I came here to do and I know this has been a foundational building block in helping me solidify this connection.

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