Meet Featured Teacher Sonia Reit

How did you find Kundalini Yoga?

I stumbled into Kundalini yoga in 2016 when trying out different classes at a studio in my neighborhood. I loved the quiet time in long deep relaxation and meditation. I kept coming back for the sense of community, for time to go inward, for the attention to one's soul, for the healing power of the gong. The repetitive movements felt foreign and the chanting wigged me out - but all in a good way that kept me coming back for the thrill.

Where did you complete your teacher training?

I was recently certified here in Minnesota in May 2021. Studying and training during the pandemic came with great challenges and even more great gifts.

As a KY teacher what is your unique strength?

This is a tough one because I'm lucky to have a wonderful lineage of teachers and I'm not sure how much of my style is unique or original. I get to pass along some of the best of the best! I bring strong intentions around accessibility, slowing down, spiritual development, commitment, and gratitude.

What do you think Kundalini has to offer others?

Kundalini has a variety of practices to support one's mental health, physical health, and spiritual journey. It offers tools and techniques to help process the world around you. It is amazing what you can learn on your own just by going inward. It also has a surprising amount of goofiness and silliness that makes it really fun and worth a try!

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